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Over 20 years in the mortgage industry, I.AM Lending has seen the good times, the down times, the rebound and the recession in one of the fastest moving markets in the country and we are ready to help you!




I am am buying

  • Current Government ID for all applicants

  • 30 days of paystubs

  • 60 days of statements from assets accounts used for funds to close

  • Mortgage statement for any properties that will be retained

Documents To Submit

You're ready to buy a home, CONGRATULATIONS, this is an exciting time! If this is your first home, it can also be a confusing time. Do I find the home first and then apply for financing? Should I apply with a bank or a broker? Do I qualify for down payment assistance? What is the minimum amount I can put down? What is mortgage insurance and do I need it? I am self employed and write off business expenses on my tax returns, can I still qualify? There are so many questions to ask when it comes to financing a home purchase, but the most common question is "What will my rate be"?

'What will my rate be' is an important question, but you ask it because you aren't exactly sure what else you should be asking. A better question is "What monthly payment am I comfortable with"? or "I only intend to be in the home for 3 years, should I look at adjustable products"?

Working with I.AM. Lending, we not only hold your hand through the process, but we make sure you are fully educated about your options so you are able to make the best decision for your scenario.

"Should I find a property first and then apply for financing"? 

The Answer: No!

Times have changed and in the current market, its almost a requirement that you secure financing prior to searching for a property. Not only will most real estate agents (Yours and the seller's) require a pre-approval letter to accept your offer, but you risk loosing your deposit if you get into contract and your financing is not solidified. Its also very important you know how much home you qualify to purchase, so you and your agent know what price points you should be shopping.

  • Fixed rate mortgage

  • Adjustable rate mortgage

  • Jumbo/ Super Jumbo mortgage

  • Non-Conforming mortgage

  • Down Payment Assistance

  • Purchase money second

  • FHA & VA


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